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  • Custom media lists built based on your story
  • Send and track your pitch emails
  • Oversee your media relationships
  • Get press opportunities sent to you

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Custom media lists built based on your story.

PressFriendly uses machine learning to compare your story to hundreds of thousands of articles. Our media lists rank reporters by how likely they are to be interested in your story based on what they have written in the past. Every list is custom built and loaded into our CRM.
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Send & track your pitch emails

The PressFriendly CRM allows you to easily send out pitch emails to your media list and track the outreach from your own email address. Create a base message using templates and then customize for each reporter. See who opens the email and track replies and those who committed to writing the story.
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Oversee your media relationships.

For each reporter in your database, get a full accounting of past communications. Review their Twitter feed and their past articles. Add notes to share with colleagues or as a reminder.
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Get press opportunities sent to you.

The PressFriendly online editorial calendar has over 100,000 media opportunities from more than 2000 publications. Each week, we find the best ones and deliver them to your inbox. There's also an editorial calendar page where you can comb through the events coming up that month.
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