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  • Craft your story
  • Custom press list based on your story
  • Talk with a PressFriendly PR Pro
  • Send and track your pitch emails with our CRM
  • Get press opportunities sent to you
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Increase response rates by improving your pitch.

Craft better emails with our story wizard which has explanations and examples for every part of your pitch. We'll also do a phone review with you to optimize every section of your pitch. See the results »

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Expert advice from a PR Rep

Phone conversations with a PR rep regularly. Topics include feedback on your story and brand documents as well as strategy and planning sessions. PR reps are also available to answer your questions. Reach out any time. Learn more »

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Find reporters to target with custom ranked press lists.

Our press lists rank reporter by how likely they are to be interested in your story. Changes in your story will change your list. Press lists also include customized email templates for each reporter and waterfalling for matching reporters at the same publication. More about press lists »

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Find press opportunities that fit your company.

Plan PR around hundreds of holidays, editorials, trends, and events. Our editorial calendar shows you a selection of events that fit your message. Our planning calendar keeps you on track and on schedule for events you'd like to target for press. See examples »


Software eating PR!

As it turns out, a startup I recently covered used PressFriendly to find me. [...] The whole process was refreshingly free of middlemen.
PressFriendly is offering a middle ground between DIY marketing and expensive PR agencies.

Client Testimonials

"...a tool to help create a coherent story and a process to drive connections with reporters."
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Ivan Kirigin
Founder, CEO
"... very useful in helping us articulate our message (even internally) and we were delighted to be connected to reporters who were interested in covering our launch."
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Simone Collins
Founder, COO