PressFriendly Team

Joel Andren – Founder

Joel is a slow learner and hired (and fired) seven PR agencies before starting PressFriendly. Joel was marketing lead and employee #4, 5 and 6 at early-stage software companies and co-founded enterprise storage company, Bitcasa. In a previous life, he received an MA in Communication with a PR focus and worked at the third-largest PR firm in Seattle.

Carly Martinetti – Account Director

An accomplished PR professional, writer and entrepreneur, Carly has a knack for understanding exactly what makes for interesting and share-worthy content. She’ll work with you to cultivate a robust and impactful PR campaign.

Milin Mehta – Account Director

Milin Mehta is a PR and communications professional with over 9 years of experience working in tech and politics. His clients have ranged from the Kik Messenger App to the Mayor of Chicago. He has successfully developed and executed client media relations campaigns across a range of verticals, including AdTech, Cybersecurity, Mobile, HealthIT, FinTech, VR/AR, IoT, and the sharing economy.

Paul Denya – Founder

Paul learned to code as a teenager and has enjoyed being a professional developer. He was working at NY ad agencies for a few years shipping microsites. He spent four years in San Francisco before recently moving to North Carolina. Before launching PressFriendly, Paul was employee #2 at HelloSign.

Reena Bhansali – PR Specialist

Reena has lived and breathed PR for the past 7+ years, with a resume that spans Disney, Mattel, Frito-Lay and many more — she is a PR whiz who knows what it takes strategically place your product/event/personality in consumers’ minds. She has a M.A. in Strategic Public Relations from University of Southern California.

Monica Hom – Content

Monica is a talented writer that has ghost-written bylined articles in publications like TechCrunch, Inc. and Entrepreneur. A San Francisco native, she works and travels across Asia and Europe and wherever else there is internet. She has a B.A. in Journalism from Emersen College.