About PressFriendly

PressFriendly is a startup intent on helping other startups get press. We believe that the public relations industry is broken and anachronistic. We aim to be one of the agents of change for this industry by developing wonderful software for people who want to get press. Much like MailChimp has helped make everyone an email marketer, we want to help everyone do their own PR. Have feedback on how we can do better? Email us: founders@pressfriendly.com.



Joel Andren - Co-founder, CEO

Joel Andren grew up wanting to be a reporter for the New York Times and was editor of his college newspaper. He was finally dissuaded from being a reporter by writing more than 100 obituaries during a stint as a summer intern at the Times-Herald in Norristown, PA. After receiving an MA in Communication with a PR focus, Joel worked at the third-largest PR firm in Seattle. Joel has worked at numerous early-stage startups and was a co-founder at Bitcasa. Most recently, Joel was Head of Marketing for YCombinator company HelloSign, where he worked with his current co-founder, Paul Denya.


Paul Denya - Co-founder, CTO

Paul learned to code as a teenager and has enjoyed being a professional developer. He was working at NY ad agencies for a few years shipping microsites. He and his family relocated to the SF Bay area in 2011. Most recently, Paul was employee #2 at HelloSign.


Advisor brendan lewis

Brendan Lewis - Head of Communications, Foursquare

Brendan serves as head of communications for Foursquare, responsible for the company’s media outreach and external communications efforts. Prior to Foursquare, Brendan worked at daily-deal provider LivingSocial, handling domestic and international business communications. During his career, Brendan has worked in-house and agency-side for Juniper Networks, VeriSign, 463 Communications, and Edelman. He began his career in the the public education department of The Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, the world’s first transplantation organization. Brendan is frequently quoted in the press but doesn't keep track of where. Though born in Virginia, he considers himself a proud New Jersey native. Lewis holds a B.A. in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Advisor steve wymer

Steve Wymer - Vice President, Corporate Communications & Public Relations, TiVo Inc.

Steve Wymer leads corporate communications and public relations for TiVo Inc., responsible for creating and driving the communications strategy around the company's global priorities and development. Steve also leads TiVo’s Silicon Valley engagement with key members of the media and community philanthropic and policy leaders.

Prior to joining TiVo, Steve spent a decade in a variety of leadership roles in political communication as a senior adviser to three U.S. Senators, President of the U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association and as a delegate of the U.S. State Department training media and political leaders in Eastern Europe and Africa.

After graduating from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University where he served three terms as student body president, Steve worked in marketing in the athletic department of The University of Arizona. In 2008, Steve completed a graduate program in business and political negotiations at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. A resident of San Jose, Steve and his wife Michele have three children.

Advisor sheila

Sheila Bryson - VP of Communications, Betable

Sheila is a founding team member and VP of communications at Betable- the world's first real-money gaming platform. Her 13 years of experience spans across agency, large corporation and early stage startups including EA, GREE Inc., Grouper (now Sony), Kosmix (now Walmart Labs), Playfish (now EA), Serious Business (now Zynga), VEVO and Sony Computer Entertainment America. A former stand-up comedian, Sheila moved to San Francisco 12 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia.